la femme

Celebrating the journey of womanhood


La Femme serves to honor what it means to be a woman,

and the journey each woman embarks on to discover that definition for herself. This is a space

that sparks curiosity, redefines beauty, demands the courage to grow, and ultimately aims

to invigorate the spirit of its readers.

pillars of womanhood

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Gaining wisdom and freedom through all of life’s big and small challenges

including work, relationships, and adapting to new mindsets


Embracing a definition of beauty that isn’t solely concerned with the

physical, but rather with building character and becoming a woman of value


Creating an understanding of financial well-being and learning how to

make the right choices to build wealth for the future


Seeking growth through discomfort and risk in all aspects of life

The founder

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Evamarie Joubert

began pondering what it meant to step into her own power as a woman while living in New York City where she started her career as an Advertising Executive. Up to this point her life was on the track towards traditional success until she realized that was the exact opposite of what she wanted.

With a newfound love for storytelling and deep desire to embark on an adventure of her own, Evamarie, quit her job, moved to Italy and launched La Femme, an online publication to celebrate the journey of becoming a woman.

Her aim is to share her story and the stories of other women trailblazing their path to live life on their own terms. She is deeply inspired by the beauty of the human spirit and has made it her mission to show women all over the world that their freedom is never out of reach.